Drawing With Action Script in Macromedia Flash

In this time I will tell you about how to drawing an object with action script in flash. For example the object is triangle.It is so simple, Let’s see the step…

  1. Make a new falsh movie.
  2. Selection Frame 1 and open Action Panel. Before you drawing you must make a space movie klip. Write on Action Panel

  • _root.createEmptyMovieClip(“triangle_mc”,1); //make a movie clip triangle with depth=1
  • _root.triangle_mc.lineStyle(5,0x02EC02,100); //make a line
  • _root.triangle_mc.moveTo(200,300); //make a line
  • _root.triangle_mc.lineTo(400,300); //make a line
  • _root.triangle_mc.lineTo(400,100); //make a line
  • _root.triangle_mc.lineTo(200,300); //make a line

This result is with out fill.If we want to add fill in this triangle we can use this script after make movie clip _root.triangle_mc.beginFill(0x02EC02,100) ;

I hope this tutorial can be useable for you …

Thanks ….

*sorry, because my english not good …

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  1. #1 by muhammadamrul on August 2, 2007 - 1:26 am

    kasih print screen-nya dunks…biar makin gampang diikuti

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