Time Management Using Google Calendar

Time Management, yah gw butuh banget sekarang dengan yang namanya alat ini, dengan begitu gw bisa mengatur waktu gw, gw ga pengen ada waktu gw, yang ga produktif buat gw, berhubung karena gw udah kerja, gw punya waktu kerja 40 jam dalam seminggu, sedangkan pekerjaan gw perlu waktu lebih dari itu, dan akhirnya gw mutusin gw perlu mencari alat yang bisa gw gunakan sebagai pengingat, tempat menulis jadwal kegiatan gw, dan mengingtakn gw tentang aktivitas yang gw harus lakukan, dan pilihan gw jatuh pada google calendar. kenapa gw make alat ini, yang paling penting dan paling utama, alat ini bisa ngingetin gw lewat sms dan gratis, gw udah nyoba aplikasi ini support untuk pengguna Indosat, dan Telkomsel, gw belum nyoba untuk produk yang lain, selain itu juga alat ini mudah di gunakan, Google always make every thing easier .., ada hal hal lain yang menurut google , kenapa gw mesti make google calendar, berikut alasannya :

7 reasons to use Google Calendar

Organizing your schedule shouldn’t be a burden. With Google Calendar, it’s easy to
keep track of life’s important events all in one place.

1. Share your schedule

Let your co-workers, family, and friends see your calendar, and view schedules
that others have shared with you. When you know when everyone is free or busy,
scheduling is a snap.

2. Get your calendar on the go

With two-way syncing to your mobile phone’s built-in calendar or a
mobile version
of Google Calendar that’s made for the small screen, you can
access your calendar while you’re away from your desk.

3. Never forget another event again


reminders help you stay on schedule. You can choose to be notified by email
or get a text message sent right to your mobile phone.

4. Send invitations and track RSVPs

Invite other people to events on your calendar. Guests can RSVP to your events by
email or via Google Calendar.

5. Sync with your desktop applications

Access your calendar however and whenever you want by syncing events with
Microsoft Outlook
, AppleiCal and MozillaSunbird.

6. Work offline

Know where you’re supposed to be even when you don’t have internet access. With
offline access, you can view a read-only version of your calendar no matter where you

7. All this is free?


thats why i choose google calendar to manage my time …, u want to try?? try it .. its easy ..

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